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8F MSP 12 Week Intensive 

Start the fire that feeds your MSPs sales with a foundation of Hickory Firewood and not fickle wool!

If you want to get to 8-figures in sales our area of expertise is helping MSPs get clients coming to them, at will, and on-demand. 

We take partners for 12 weeks and take them through our 5-pillar clients acquisition system, called the $50M MSP Marketing Kit. 

It’s broken up very simply and step by step and we really build this all with you, your core messaging, your 8 Step Customer Journey for sales and marketing synergy, your offer optimization on the 20% of service or products that bring in the most hardware, email optimization for more sales and referrals, and you’re done for you email tagging and automation management. 

Core Component #1: Customers From Scratch Messaging

Core Component #2: Customer Journey and Growth Ramp 

Core Component #3: Offer optimization for 80/20 services

Core Component #4: Email Optimization 

Core Component #5: Done-For-You Email Management and Surveying 

The investment for the $50M MSP Marketing Kit will be $10k for the next 2 clients only before it goes back up to $20k. 

If we don’t make you at least 3x what you paid us after 3 months, we’ll pause your billing and work for free.

When we make you 9x what you’re paying us we want an equity interest to help you exit or grow through M&A. 

You can wait, but the recession is only getting closer. 

And you also won’t get these stellar bonuses: 

Bonus #1: Offer Optimization For New Packages = Value of $2k per service

Bonus #2: Customer Database Reactivation = Value of $5k

Bonus #3: Google Review Management = Value of $3k

Bonus #4: Google SEO Audit & Correction = Value of $10k

Bonus #5: 80/20 Analysis Of Clients = Value of 10k

Bonus #6: Customer Value Journey Internal Presentation = Value of $30k

Bonus #7: Customer Gifting and Referral Systems = Value of $10k 

$70k of value for only $10k 

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