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All of these questions are related to email marketing.

These questions instantly give you a green or red light on whether you should move forward in an email drop or not.

An email drop is where you promote your product on someone else’s list.

These questions let you know how warm (engaged) the potential partner’s list is at a high level.

Question 9 is nice to have. You won’t be approaching someone for a JV if they don’t have your customers.

But asking if their list is tagged in a way that will benefit your offer is the perfect transition into more granular conversations.

  1. What percent of your list is buyers vs. visitors/leads?
  2. How big is your email list?
  3. How often do you email?
  4. How often do you get sales from the list?
  5. What percentage of your list are repeat buyers?
  6. What is the average price of what people on your list pay for?
  7. What kind of promotions do you send your list, and how often?
  8. How often do you purge your list?
  9. Is your list segmented for xyz?

These questions will allow you to quickly filter through your pipeline and focus on actually closing deals.

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