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Have you considered selling your business?

If yes, you’ve probably shopped around for investment bankers or business brokers.

Business brokers are for smaller deals, and investment bankers are for larger deals.

Investment bankers do a great job, but your deal is probably too small for them as they won’t touch deals under $20M.

And our experience with business brokers is that they don’t have the network or take the affirmative action we take.

Business brokers have a reputation in the business community for not being able to sell 80% of their listings.

Check out this Forbes article if you don’t believe us:

So, we would say there’s this hole in the market because investment bankers typically want larger deals and charge significant fees.

We are betting on ourselves because we know what we’re doing. So you don’t have to pay us a huge fee like $25k a month, which is not uncommon for those investment bankers to do your deal, plus expenses for our private plane to fly around and do dog and pony shows.

The M&A advisors at Acquire Scale & Exit (ASE) are entrepreneurs and investors with a network of a few thousand business buyers across many industries.

We have the same amount of capital sources to back up the buyer in case theirs a gap in their liquid capital (only as a value add), and on top of that, ASE has 220 ways of funding acquisitions.

All this means that ASE will work with both the seller and the buyer for a win-win deal where both sides give and take equally until mutually agreed upon terms are reached in a timely manner with as little involvement from the seller as possible.

Personally, within ASE, I specialize in IT services, SaaS, eCommerce, and Service Based companies.

Usually, when business owner decides that they want to sell, they look for a broker to help them. The broker will look at the going market rate and tell the seller what the highest possible valuation for their business is for the highest possible commission.

Then the broker will create a Confidential Business Memorandum (CIM) out of a template that really doesn’t cover all of the key points that a potential buyer is looking for or convey the main essence of your business.

If you’ve failed to sell with a broker before or know someone who has, you know how draining the exit process can be when not done right.

I mean, if you get into a car with only half a tank of gas, you can’t expect it to achieve its maximum range.

That’s why ASE leverages industry experts in creating all of its CIMs, data rooms, and packages before they are sent to experienced buyers that have already stated that they are looking for a business like yours and have the funds to back them up.

ASE is on a mission to fill the hole left by brokers and bankers to preserve the economy by preserving small and medium-sized businesses and the jobs they create.

And if your business doesn’t have a succession plan, the current economic climate is only going to cause more uncertainty.

Either exit now, ahead of the tsunami of a recession, or risk selling your business for a lower valuation after it’s gone to battle with a pandemic and recession!

We understand that selling your business can be daunting, that’s we provide complimentary business and financial analysis for anyone that needs it (under NDA) via our short due diligence checklist.

At ASE, we have a dedicated advisor who manages your deal’s workflow and coordinates with other industry experts to get a second opinion before lining up the buyer.

Ensuring that the most common pitfalls of M&A transactions are already pre-addressed.

If you’re companies, financials are healthy; we can quickly proceed with setting up your data room and collecting all the information from you that a buyer will need.

And if it’s ok with you, we can also go through our short due diligence checklist on a recorded zoom call that we can share with vetted buyers under NDA to save your time and energy.

On the other hand, if your company’s financials aren’t where they need to be, we have other options, like partnering with a strategic buyer that can leverage your business, earn-outs, etc.

Once we have both the buy-side and sell-side lined up, we’ll propose fair terms to both sides and quickly proceed to a mutually agreed upon letter of intent (LOI). An LOI is like a marriage proposal that commits both sides.

At that point, the buyer will pay for legal and financial due diligence, while the seller should have their attorney review the LOI and seek an independent tax advisor to avoid overpaying taxes.

Post due diligence, a purchase agreement will be presented from the buy-side to the sell-side, and viola, you just sold your business.

Remember that we put a man on the moon 53 years ago, so following those short 6 steps is a walk in the park, especially when you have advisors and buyers that have already gone through the process multiple times.

And if you’re deal meets our criteria, we might buy the company ourselves!

Taking action now is the only thing standing in your way between getting a cash offer for your business and having to close it down or being stuck in the grind!

Email us for your risk-free, complimentary analysis at:

And remember that securing your company’s succession plan isn’t just about you but about the jobs you create!

So you really only have 3 options:
1. Do absolutely nothing and struggle through another recession on your own.
2. List your company on BizBuySell and Deal Stream without any backup or support.
3. Or work with a group of professionals and experts in your industry to sell your business as quickly as possible and fund the next stage of your life!

I’m ready to send you that email with the subject line: The Funds Are Wired.

Only you can decide.