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Here are acquisitions that we can disclose, JV partnerships, and current deals that we aren’t a fit for us. But might be a fit for you! 


Current Deals

We focus on acquiring IT companies with a minimum EBITDA of $250k and at least 10 employees. But because of our clients, partners, and investors, we get deal flow outside of our vertical of focus. 


Here are businesses and assets that we have acquired for zero out of pocket. 

IT Jobs Group

The IT Jobs Group had 25,000 members when we acquired it!

Cyber Security Group

The Cyber Security Group had 99,900 members when we acquired it.

DevOps Group

This DevOps Group had 26,400 members when we acquired it.

Computer, Software, Android, iOS (Apple) & Hacking Related Problems Group

The Computer, Software, Android, iOS (Apple) & Hacking Related Problems Facebook group had 26,700 members in it when we acquired it. 

The Hacker Blog

This page had 570 followers when acquired. 

Cyber Security Group 2

Our second cybersecurity group had 8,200 members on it when we acquired it.

Computer Science & Information Technology Group

This group had 115,200 leads at acquisition. 


This group had 49,300 leads at acquisition.

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