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Above The Business Kit

No Risk Performance Based Services!


We guarantee a 10x return on your investment.

Acquire Scale and Exit (ASE) is a Denver Based Business Growth and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm with partners across the United States.

ASE’s Business Kit & Investment is an autopilot for your business.

Business Valuation:

Take Advantage Of Our Teams Complimentary Business Valuation

– Sell for Top Dollar!

– If we’re both a fit, we can be one of your many finders. If we’re not a fit, no problem, you at least know what you’re worth. 

– We never use EBITDA to value businesses under $5M! Vis a vis the Gordan Growth Model. 

Strategy Session:

$1,500 (Up To 2 Hours)

– Conducted via phone or Zoom

-Result: Initial development of client’s acquisition/growth strategy

– Addition topics may be discussed based on the clients needs



– On-site or over Zoom (travel & accommodations are not included in the fee)

– Continuous searching of acquisition candidates

– Includes Financial Engineering with our 159 ways of getting a business acquisition to pay for itself (Financing – Closing phases in the M&A process)

– You will scale through acquisitions and be positioned to exit at the end

Private Client:

Yearly retainer (plus success-based fees or earned equity)

– PE & Family Office prices vary based on deal flow

– Full development and ongoing M&A collaboration

– Weekly Check-in Call

– Continuous searching of acquisition candidates

M&A Advisory :

– Leverage our consortium of finders & investors

– We can secure someone to buy your business

– We can source businesses for you to buy

– We can secure capital for you to grow your empire $2MM – $200MM for working capital, growth capital, business acquisition, recapitalizations, equipment financing, etc., strictly as a value add. 

– Access to the rest of our capital sources as a value add only! 

The Above The Business Kit (ABK): 

– Starting at $3,000 per month

-M&A only works if the businesses involved are fully systemized.

– The key drivers of topline revenue are marketing, sales, and client metrics.

– Regardless of if you want to scale or stay small, The Four Pillars of Business should be systemized the team, strategy, implementation, and financials.

– If everything is done right, your financials should be equal to or greater than the industry standards.

– Includes DigitalMarketer.com Marketing Strategist & Inbound Sales Closer lead generation system. 

Profits First bottom line management Sales – Profit (10%) = Expenses

– ASE’s Above The Business Kit is an autopilot for your business. 

You know how overwhelming it is when you’re always chasing business fires? You’re always working with little to show for it, and that’s why we created The Above The Business Kit.

You’ll confidently have control over a well-oiled machine by being above the business and not in or on it.

When you work on your business you want to be able to look at a single scoreboard so that you can simply ask questions to guide your team.

Join the ASE fleet of business owners today!

The Above The Business Score is a crucial step in optimizing your business’s future and is included in your growth package. Whether you are planning to exit now or in many years, getting your Above The Business Score today will allow you to:

  1. Diagnose what’s holding you back from creating a company that can prosper without you. 
  2. See your business from the eyes of a prospective acquirer. 
  3. Identify what’s hindering the value of your business.
  4. Verify what makes your business valuable.
  5. And it only takes 14 minutes.

ASE’s Above The Business Kit is like having an autopilot for your business.

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5 Business Books In 2 Pages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a boatload of cash to buy businesses?

No, with our financial engineering, we can acquire most businesses or assets under $2M for zero out of pocket. And if it’s more than that, we have other funding sources that you can use strictly as a value add.

My business is just starting out should I make an acquisition? 

Yes, if you acquire instead of starting from scratch, you get the business you want without all the startup headaches.

Is M&A stressful? 

M&A is stressful if you have never done it before and don’t have anyone to guide you. You also need the right parties involved on both the buy and sell-side right away to not drag out the process. That’s why the ASE consortium is continually growing with new partners specializing in their own area of the M&A lifecycle.

Can I buy Websites, Social Media Groups, and similar traffic assets? 

You can buy domain names, logos, blogs, websites, videos, email lists, pixels, Amazon listings, Etsy stores, Ebay stores, trade shows, conferences, podcasts, events, meetup groups, social media groups and pages, and YouTube channels.

I don’t know what to buy? 

You can buy affiliates, any business service providers that you currently use, Intelectual Property (IP), competitors, and advertising media.

Should I sell my business? 

You have 3 options here. A). Sell a minority interest B). Sell a majority interest C). Sell full ownership.

Option A, is best for strategic partners that can help you grow your company.

Option B, is best if you are partnering with PE or a strategic buyer that will sell your company together with a few others down the line for a massive exit.

Option C, is best if your business is about to shut down. Or if you just want out with some cash in your pocket.

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